Optimized eCommerce to Power Growth

Optimized eCommerce operations is necessary to survive in today's fast-paced fashion and retail industry. Consumers demand seamless online shopping and manual processes in your operations will negatively impact their experience and your bottom line. Automating your back-end supply chain gives you the ability to meet your customers' omnichannel needs and makes fast-paced growth both possible and sustainable.

A Unified View

Integrating your eCommerce webstore with BlueCherry ERP provides a centralized view of your sales and inventory. Having an accurate, single version of the truth optimizes your omnichannel operations by breaking down the silos of information between channels like wholesale and retail. Accurate data on orders and inventory, updated in real time, allows you to streamline your orders and seamlessly respond to sales trends.

Integrate with Popular eCommerce Platforms

Create greater efficiency with ease by integrating your BlueCherry ERP system with the most popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, Amazon and others. Integration is simple to configure and helps completely automate several functions such as retrieving online orders, updating products and inventory, and immediately providing shipping information to your customers.

Features & Benefits

Order Management

Fulfill online orders directly from your ERP. Online orders will be validated through BlueCherry’s order management rules to pick, pack and ship the orders.

Inventory Synchronization

Update inventory status in real-time and manage your eCommerce inventory to maximize sales based on OTS or ATS.

Shipment/Fulfillment Notification

Automatically update the consumer once an order has been shipped.

Product Synchronization

Update product attributes, pricing and inventory levels for an enhanced customer experience.

Real-time Updates

Real-time data exchange between eCommerce and ERP improves revenue by capturing orders and fulfilling orders at a high rate with available OTS/ATS data.

Promotions and Discounts Management

Manage all variations of online product promotions and discounts within BlueCherry ERP.